I am Néhémie Dias,
an Art Director and
Motion Designer



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2017    –––––––––––––––––––    now

“Here to create”

––––– adidas strategy slogan

Currently working as an Art Director, my main tasks are to define visual styles and concepts for marketing campaigns & photoshoots, as well as providing guidance to the Brand Design team by aligning Runtastic to the adidas brand, creating guidelines/toolkits and improving workflows/processes.
Over the past few years, I’ve worked on campaigns such as United Nations x Run Wild, NASA x Space Race, Run for the Oceans etc…to guide adidas apps users toward a healthy lifestyle as well as pushing forward sustainability topics to raise awareness about our planet condition.
I previously worked as a Brand Designer: my role was to create assets for all marketing channels before taking part of the rebranding of Runtastic to emphasise its connection to adidas.



2012    –––––––––––––––––––    2018

“All that is important is this one moment in movement. Make it vital and worth living.”

––––– Martha Graham

A collection of motion projects that I have been creating during the past couple of years. I love the creative freedom that motion design can offer, which is why I create videos from scratch and take care of every step of the creative process : concept, story-board/sketches, art direction, design/illustration, animation, compositing, video editing, music/sound effects, and even sometimes recording the voice-over as well.
The section also includes showreels of my professional experiences at Square Garden and Orawa Production (motion design/video agencies).
I have been creating most of the projects on my own, but a few of them are a collaborative effort: an explicatory description will be displayed below the videos for those use cases to provide further information.



2015    –––––––––––––––––––    2016

“In the beginning…”

––––– Genesis 1:1

The advent of the digital era leads to significant cultural, social and technological evolutions, while offering a wide range of innovative tools. Nevertheless, we find that religions are struggling to adapt to this new era. This is especially true for Christianity in France.
The associative project Genèse aims to meet the specific creative & design needs of Christian organisations while understanding their beliefs and values. This project is the case study of my Design Master Thesis at e-artsup about the Communication of Christianity in the digital era. Based on my research, I conceptualised and created the art direction & branding of the association, the interactive web design, web development (HTML/CSS/JS) and the Motion Design video. As it is a showcase, it also includes 5 design projects I executed for clients of the Christian sphere, thus, it is as well as a portfolio on its own.



2019    –––––––––––––––––––    now

“Music is the medicine of the mind”

––––– John Logan

In video creation, sound is the natural prolongation of the visual content. It is a powerful tool to express feelings and drive emotions. With Ignis Fidei, my goal is to push my boundaries and expand my creativity, not only visually, but through music creation.
It is basically a project that I work on during my spare time to experiment and have fun while learning beat making. My approach is holistic as I want to provide both a visual and a musical experience. Therefore, beyond the music creation, the project consists of branding/visual identity, song artworks, motion design and merchandising.
The project is still in development.
Coming soon: 1st EP (6 songs), project web page, Instagram page.



2011    –––––––––––––––––––    2016

“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”

––––– Pablo Picasso

From my multidisciplinary design education at e-artsup emerged various projects that I collected in this section. It mainly contains fictional projects taken from my first three years of education (the last two years being included in the Motion Design section).

The projects are of multiple kind: branding, illustration, drawing, game design, video mapping, interactive design, UI/UX, infographic, web design…
Further information about each project can be found next to the artworks in the section.



I have already 
created for:

adidas Runtastic, Universal Music,, Decathlon, City of Marseille CES, FNC - Emmanuel Macron speech, Jeu de Paume Museum Paris, Et Je Choisis De Vivre Movie, Lille Art Up, Saint-Gobain Group, IMT Sorbonne Paris, I-CAD French Minister, Epitech Computing, ESJ - Journalism High School, Antoinette Poisson Paris….

“You have to be in a state of play to design.”

––––– Paula Scher

Passionate about drawing from my earliest years, I have always loved story-telling and more widely creation, whether in the field of image, music or video, considering this activity as recreation. To fully express my creativity, I moved towards Art Direction studies at e-artsup in Lille and Paris, interested by the diversity of its education : Design and Communication, Interactive Design, Game Design, and more especially Motion Design, my specialisation. I gratudated in 2016 with honours and obtained the “Art Director in Creation and Digital Design” Master Degree.
After several experiences as freelancer or at Video/Motion Design Agencies, I moved to Austria to join the adidas Runtastic team in 2017, firstly as a Brand Designer, before becoming Art Director in 2020. Over the years, creating has become my philosophy, it is my way of feeling alive, of being fulfilled!

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